Course Registration Information // Helpful Links

Here are several resources that students find to be helpful when registering for courses each semester:

General Course Registration Resources

Student Portal:

This is the portal you will use to register for all of your classes, view your faculty advisor information, and keep track of all of the courses that you have registered for.

MPH Curriculum Guides:

Helpful booklets that list all of the courses that you are required to take by program, and which semester they need to be taken in, and they link to other helpful lists of courses for your field of study.

MPH Curriculum Guide Supplemental Material:

Lists of courses that meet certain requirements of each program that are not listed in the MPH Curriculum Guides.

Student Knowledge Center:

The Registrar’s Office has put together this student resource guide to help students with the questions that typically arise during the registration process.

Course Catalog:

This lists all of the courses available at the Harvard Chan School, and at any of the other schools at Harvard University.

Course Evaluations:

Harvard Chan School course evaluations are collected at the end of each semester, compiled, and then made available to view here.

Course Registration Deadlines:  Academic Calendar

All deadlines related to registration can be found on the school’s academic calendar.

Course Substitutions and Waivers:

For information about how course substitutions and course waivers work in the Department of Health Policy and Management.

Independent Study Resources

What is an Independent Study?:

A basic overview of what Independent Studies in the Student Handbook.

How do I sign up for an Independent Study?:

This is an overview on how signing up for an independent study works within the Department of Health Policy and Management.

Cross Registration Resources

General Cross Registration Information:

An overview of how cross registration works and some helpful information to consider when cross registering at another school.

Navigating the Cross Registration Process:  Click Here For Instructions

The Registrar’s Office has put together this helpful resource to assist students as they navigate the cross-registration process.

Student Comments on Cross Registration Courses Taken:

Each year, the Office of Education collects information from graduating students about classes that they cross registered for and enjoyed.  This list can be very helpful when navigating the cross-registration process.

Credit Conversion Chart:

The Registrar’s Office has put together this helpful chart that lists each school that students can cross-register at, what grading options are available for each school, and how the credits at each school are converted into Harvard Chan School Credits.

Countway Library Harvard Chan School Liaison Team is here for you

Countway Library liaisons to the Harvard Chan School are a collaborative group of librarian research professionals specializing in all aspects of the research lifecycle from idea inception and organization, to publication and dissemination. Liaisons represent the research and instruction, digital services, and history of medicine and health sciences departments in the library, and are available to Harvard Chan students, faculty, and staff for project, class, and research support.

Ask Countway about searching the literature on your topic, the history of medicine, citation and publication support, and more!

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