Independent Studies (300-349 Level Courses)

Independent studies are courses of study that involve substantial interaction with and instruction by faculty and are set up on an ad hoc basis. To register for independent studies, students must indicate the appropriate course code and number of credits. All level 300-349 courses are taken for pass-fail credit only.

A faculty member or an adjunct faculty member must supervise all independent studies taken for degree credit at the School. Students who wish to register for an independent study with a faculty member with a School annual appointment or a faculty member of another Harvard school must have the independent study sponsored by their School academic advisor. The student must register for the sponsored section with their School advisor.

By sponsoring the independent study,the School advisor agrees to the appropriateness of both the independent study and the non-School supervisor. The academic advisor must contact the non-School independent study supervisor to assign a grade for the student. The student’s academic advisor must submit the grade at the end of the course as required by the School’s Committee on Educational Policy (CEP).