Master in Health Care Management

The information in this section pertains to those students who are in the Master in Health Care Management (MHCM) Program only.

The Committee on Admissions and Degrees
The Committee on Admissions and Degrees (CAD) is responsible for monitoring the academic progress of all students at the School. Petitions and forms submitted during the course of study are reviewed by the CAD.

Liaisons to the Committee on Admissions and Degrees:
Registrar’s Office, 617-432-1032
Master in Health Care Management                                        Donna McLean
Committee Chair                                                                              Paul Catalano

Master in Health Care Management (MHCM) Information
The Master in Health Care Management is a 42.5-credit low residency program that students complete over 2 years that includes attending in-person sessions consisting of a 3-week intensive summer session, followed by five, 4-day intensive weekend sessions roughly every 8 weeks from September to May.  This schedule is then repeated in the second year. Home and small-group assignments using email and the internet maximize the flexibility and enhance the value that students derive from the program.

All students must complete School-wide core requirements, and both recommended and required courses in their program.

MHCM students must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the School-wide public health core requirements
  • Must complete an Introduction to Public Health course as detailed by their department/program
  • Meet departmental course requirements
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.7 or better
  • Complete the full amount of ordinal credits required for degree program

Students in the MHCM program are required to meet all academic and financial requirements within 2 academic years.  This timeline may be adjusted for any students with circumstances that require a leave of absence.