Certifications of Enrollment
Students who require certification of enrollment, tuition and fees, or of graduation must complete the Request for Certification Form via my.harvard. The processing time for certification is 7-10 business days. Certifications may be forwarded directly to third parties if requested by the student. There is no fee for this type of certification.

Certifications of Loan Deferrals
Students who have loans from Harvard or other institutions must keep in mind that enrollment may only be certified for the terms in which students are currently enrolled or for previous terms. For most student loans to be deferred, students must be registered for a minimum of 10 credits each term.  Most student loan deferrals will be completed electronically. Students should consult the appropriate lending institution regarding requirements. Harvard University participates in the National Student Loan Clearinghouse for loans. Students whose lender does not participate in this program should take their loan deferral forms to the Registrar’s Office for processing or send them by email.