Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Counseling and Mental Health Services provides services to students year-round. Short-term counseling is available for a wide variety of concerns, including:

  • Adjustment difficulties
  • Depression, anxiety, or stress
  • Mental health concerns affecting academics or work
  • Loss/bereavement
  • Relationship concerns and sexual health
  • Concerning issues around food or alcohol and/or other substances.

To learn how to get started at CAMHS, students can visit the CAMHS website.

In general, CAMHS services include the following:

  • The CAMHS Cares Line, 617.495.2042, is available 24/7 to students who wan to talk with a counselor at any time about a mental health concern or a crisis.
  • Short-term Counseling with our staff of psychologists, social workers, and licensed mental health clinicians and supervised interns.
  • Prescribers include CAMHS psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and medical residents who conduct psychopharmacology evaluations and offer prescription management.
  • Referrals outside HUHS for longer-term counseling with providers and experts in the surrounding communities.
  • The TimelyCare partnership with CAMHS provides up to 12 telehealth Counseling sessions per academic year at no additional cost to students. TimelyCare telehealth Psychiatry services are also available for a range of conditions (with some limitations). Health Coaching is offered to address concerns like sleep, exercise and nutrition. Self-Care content on the app includes yoga and meditation sessions, as well as group conservations on a variety of health and wellbeing topics. There is also a Peer Support feature providing a moderated community forum with other university students.
  • Virtual Workshops to learn coping skills/psychoeducation and Support Groups to address a variety of mental health concerns and topics (see CAMHS calendar)
  • Urgent Care appointments during regular business hours (M-F)-always call ahead!

Students may also use the anonymous mental health screening tools that may help them decide to try counseling or other supports and/or CAMHS resources.

Please view the CAMHS website for details on operating hours. All CAMHS visits are confidential, and mental health records are held separately from the rest of a student’s medical record in HUHS, except for information on medications. CAMHS also offers services at satellite HUHS sites, such as the Longwood Medical Area and/or Harvard Law School.