Refund Schedule for Leaves of Absence/Withdrawal
Tuition is prorated according to the schedule below for students who take a leave of absence or withdraw after the term has begun. The effective date of a leave of absence or withdrawal is the date the petition is filed with the Registrar’s Office or a future date if so requested in the student’s letter.

Academic Year 2022–2023 Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Tuition Refund Schedule

Fall 2022 Spring 2023 Refund

of Tuition

Withdrawal Deadline* September 8 February 2 100%
Withdrawal Deadline* September 22 February 16 90%
Withdrawal Deadline* October 6 March 2 75%
Withdrawal Deadline* October 27 March 23 50%
Withdrawal Deadline* October 28 March 24 25%
Withdrawal Deadline* October 29 March 25 0%

*Date by which the student notifies the Registrar’s Office.
Students who do not make the October 28 or March 24 deadlines will not receive a refund.

Students who take a leave of absence may pay a higher tuition rate upon their return to the program.

Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence greater than 180 days in length and who are federal student aid recipients are subject to the return of federal/Title IV funding. This policy may affect the amount of federal aid both the School and the student are allowed to retain for the period of enrollment.

Students’ Harvard health insurance will be affected by their withdrawal. For details, contact the Harvard University Student Health Program by phone at 617-495-2008 or by email.