Transfer Credits

Harvard Chan School does not accept transfer credits from external academic institutions. If a Harvard Chan non-degree student is granted admission into a master’s degree program*, up to 20 credits of completed coursework may be applied to the financial-degree requirement if the courses taken were within the preceding five years of matriculating in a degree program. If the tuition was paid in full for these non-degree credits, they may be applied toward financial degree requirements.

Upon entering a degree program, students will be billed at the corresponding flat tuition rate for the year for the remaining terms necessary to complete program requirements. Students should carefully consider enrollment options (i.e., full-time, part-time, or summer) when transferring in prior credits, as this may not guarantee a lower total cost of tuition.

To determine how this applies to your degree program and to request credits to be transferred, please visit the Non-Degree Transfer Credits site.

*Cohort-based programs (MPH-GEN, MPH-EPI, and MHCM) are not eligible to transfer non-degree credits or tuition.