Core Course Requirements

School-Wide Biostatistics and Epidemiology Requirements
Each professional degree-granting department/program is responsible for constructing a curriculum that meets core requirement objectives.  As departmental/program core courses vary, students should consult their respective department(s)/program(s) for specific requirements. All students, however, must successfully complete the School’s school-wide core course requirements including introductory core courses in biostatistics and epidemiology.

Course Code Course Title
ID 201 Core Principles of Biostatistics and Epidemiology for Public Health Practice
BST 201 Introduction to Statistical Methods
EPI 201 Introduction to Epidemiology: Methods 1
EPI 202 Epidemiologic Methods 2: Elements of Epidemiologic Research
BST 202 Principles of Biostatistics I
BST 203 Principles of Biostatistics II
BST 206 Introduction to Statistics for Medical Research
BST 207 Statistics for Medical Research II
BST 208 Statistics for Medical Research, Advanced
EPI 208 Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology
EPI 500 Fundamentals of Epidemiology

Doctoral students must successfully pass two intermediate level Biostatistics courses and one Epidemiology course.

The School does not accept transfer credits for courses taken at other academic institutions. In certain situations, students may waive a core course. Students wishing to waive School-wide core courses in either biostatistics or epidemiology must submit a Waiver of Course Course Requirement Form, signed by the relevant instructor(s) and department administrators. Students must present an official transcript and a copy of the course description and syllabi to the instructor(s) to verify appropriate coursework. If the request to waive a core course is approved, the student will not be required to enroll in the core course. Students within the Biostatistics Department are automatically exempted from an introductory course in biostatistics. A student waiving the requirement must still register for the minimum credits for full- or part-time status. Students who wish to waive a noncore course as a prerequisite because of previous qualifications should make their request by submitting a petition to the instructor when adding the course in my.harvard.