Code of Conduct Council

The Council handles the resolution of School or University rules, breaches of community standards and/or other disciplinary matters involving student at the School.

The Council is charged promoting students’ adherence to the values and standards of the School, encouraging the ongoing development of personal integrity, and helping students take responsibility for their actions. In cases of academic misconduct, the goal of the CCC is to help develop and reinforce a culture of authentic learning.

The council is not an adversarial or prosecutorial body. Its charge is to objectively consider the matters that come before it, consistent with the values and standards for student conduct.

The Student Code of Conduct Council is composed of three to four faculty members, two doctoral students, the Associate Dean for Student Services, and the Assistant Dean for Professional Education. The faculty members are appointed by the Dean for Education for three-year terms; one of the members is designated by the dean for Education to serve as co-chair with the Associate Dean for Student Services. Student roles on the council may depend upon the specifics of the case (for example, a student representative could be recused if a student being reviewed by the council comes from the representative’s department or program).