Summer-Focused Degree Programs

Summer-focused degree students are required to be in residence and take courses on campus during the summer. Master’s students who need to complete only their practicum/thesis during their final summer should review this webpage for further information and submit the Final Summer Practicum/Thesis Intent Form if applicable to their circumstances.

Summer-focused degree students are considered nonresident during the fall and spring and have limited enrollment options during these semesters. Given this nonresident status, summer-focused degree students are not allowed to cross-register during the fall and spring semesters and are limited to online courses,* on a space-available basis, if they choose to enroll. Summer-focused degree students may enroll in multiple instances of courses required for completing their practicum/thesis project during the fall and/or spring semesters. Student records will be inactive during optional semesters when students are not enrolled, and as a result, students will not have access to resources such as the library. If taking online courses, all applicable academic policies still apply.

Students should consult their program/department adviser to confirm other online credit limits per semester and program and to review fall and spring semester course offerings.

*During WinterSession, students may enroll in up to 5 credits (not limited to online credits). Students should contact their program/department regarding WinterSession enrollment. International students on school-sponsored visas should discuss in-person WinterSession enrollment with HIO.