Summer Non-Degree Programs

Summer programs let students experience the classes and culture of the Harvard Chan School while also meeting and learning from leading professors and practitioners similarly dedicated to assisting others. The Harvard Chan School offers several non-degree programs.

Summer Non-Degree
There are non-degree program options during summer, which starts in July and ends in August. Cross-registration and auditing are not permitted during summer. New students would need to apply to the prospective non-degree summer program through the Admissions Office.

Summer (includes Summer I and Summer II)
Summer I Summer II

Summer Credit Limits for Non-Degree Students

FULL- or PART-TIME Term Program in Clinical Effectiveness Global Health Delivery Intensive Summer Session In Public Health Studies*
Full-Time Summer 15 credits for summer Not applicable 10 credits for summer
Per Summer I & Summer II 7.5-credit max in Summer I and/or Summer II 6.25-credit max in Summer I 5-credit max in Summer I or Summer II
Part-Time Summer Not applicable Not applicable 5 credits for Summer
  Per Summer I & Summer II Not applicable Not applicable 2.5-credit max in Summer I or Summer II

*Students in programs such as Global Infectious Diseases, Lown Scholars, and exchange programs should consult their program coordinators.

Summer Non-Degree Course Requirements
Some programs require students to take specific course(s) (listed below) to meet the completion of the program. For more information, contact your Program Coordinator.

Course Code Course Title
BST 206 Introduction to Statistics for Medical Research
BST 207 Statistics for Medical Research II
BST 208 Statistics for Medical Research Advanced
EPI 208 Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology
GHP 213 Global Cardiovascular Disease Prevention – Methods, Study Designs, and Case Studies
GHP 532 Introduction to Global Health Care Delivery
GHP 555 Management Practices in Health Care Delivery
ID 505 Epidemiologic and Biostatistical Methods for Global Health
IID 232 Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Infections
IID 233 Infections Transmitted through Water and Food