Course Enrollment Policies

Students are required to complete all course enrollment activities prior to the enrollment deadline(s) specified in the academic calendar. If a student is required to take a course to graduate, the student should enroll in the course as soon as possible to secure their space in the course. The School does not allow students to enroll in courses that have conflicting meeting times, under any circumstance. Verbal or email permission from an instructor to a student shall not be considered approval to override an enrollment policy. If there is a wait list at the time of enrollment, students should add themselves to the wait list for the course. A student’s place on the wait list will not be adjusted for any reason.

Courses may be taken only for the grading options listed in the course catalog. Note that students will not be permitted to add, drop, or change their grading option after the add/drop/change deadline. Courses with variable credits may not be edited after the add/drop/change deadline. A course is not considered to have been dropped until the student has officially dropped it through my.harvard. Students will not be permitted to withdraw from a course after the withdrawal deadline. Residential degree program students must be enrolled in a least one on campus course in a term of enrollment.

Academic year Master of Science (non-Summer-only) students are not permitted to enroll in courses with an “Online” component as stated in the Course Catalog.