The following abbreviations are used throughout this Handbook and other School-affiliated websites and documents.

ALI – Advanced Leadership Initiative
AUD – Audit
AV – Audio Visual
BAPHP – Boston Area Public Health Professional
BCBS – Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance
BST – Biostatistics
CAD – Committee on Admissions and Degrees
CAMHS – Counseling and Mental Health Services
CBQG – Computational Biology and Quantitative Genetics
CCC – Code of Conduct Council
CEP – Committee on Educational Policy
CLE – Clinical Effectiveness
DBS – Division of Biological Sciences
DRPH – Doctor of Public Health
EH – Environmental Health
EPI – Epidemiology
FAS – Faculty of Arts and Sciences
FERPA – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974
FF – Facilities Fee
FT – Full-Time
FTR – Full-Time Reduced Tuition
FWS – Federal Work Study
FXB – François-Xavier Bagnoud Building
GHDI – Global Health Delivery Intensive
GHP – Global Health and Population
GID – Global Infectious Diseases
GSAS – Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
GSD – Graduate School of Design
GSE – Graduate School of Education
HBS – Harvard Business School
HCM – Health Care Management
HDS – Harvard Divinity School
HDS – Health Data Science
HIO – Harvard International Office
HKS – Harvard Kennedy School
HLC – Harvard Longwood Campus
HLS – Harvard Law School
HMS – Harvard Medical School
HPM – Health Policy and Management
HSCF – Health Sciences Computing Facility
HSDM – Harvard School of Dental Medicine
HUHS – Harvard University Health Services
HUIT – Harvard University Information Technology
HUPD – Harvard University Police Department
HUSHP – Harvard University Student Health Program
ICF – Instructional Computing Facility
IECS – Institute for Clinical Effectiveness and Health Policy
ID – Interdepartmental
IID – Immunology and Infectious Diseases
MET – Department of Molecular Metabolism
MHCM – Master in Health Care Management
MPH – Master of Public Health
MPP – Monthly Payment Plan
NUT – Nutrition
OCPD – Office of Career and Professional Development
ODI – Office of Diversity and Inclusion
ODR – Office for Sexual and Gender-Based Dispute Resolution
OFA – Office of Financial Aid
OQE – Oral Qualifying Examination (DrPH students)
ORD – Ordinal
OSA – Office for Student Affairs
OSAPR – Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
OSS – Office for Student Services
OTD – Office of Technology Development
PCE – Program in Clinical Effectiveness
P/F – Pass/Fail
PT – Part-Time
SAP – Satisfactory Academic Practice
SBS – Social and Behavioral Sciences
School – Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
SM – Master of Science
TAP – Tuition Assistance Plan
VDI – Virtual Desktop Interface
WQE – Written Qualifying Examination (DrPH students only)
XREG – Cross-Registration