Applying for Graduation

Once students have met their degree requirements, they must apply for graduation. The Harvard Chan School has three degree-granting periods: November, March, and May. To apply for graduation, students must complete the Application for Degree by clicking on the Apply to Graduate link on the my.harvard portal.

Students expecting to graduate must apply to graduate via the my.harvard portal by the following dates:

Diploma awarded date Deadline for degree application Doctoral dissertations due
November 8, 2022 August 12, 2022 September 16, 2022
March 7, 2023 December 9, 2022 January 13, 2023
May 25, 2023 March 3, 2023 April 14, 2023

Students who fail to comply with the above deadlines must apply for the degree in the next granting period.

An academic degree audit by both the Registrar’s Office and the student’s department/program occurs shortly after the degree application deadline for degree applicants. The Registrar’s Office also conducts a financial audit. Students who have met all academic and financial requirements will be placed on the degree list.

All degree candidates must make restitution to the Harvard Chan School and Harvard University by paying their Student Account and any other financial obligation to the University in full.

  • Payments are due October 2022 for November degrees,
  • February 2023 for March degrees, and
  • May 2023 for May

Students who do not pay their Student Account or other financial obligations to the University in full will not receive their diploma(s) until this obligation is met and approval is granted by the Governing Board.

November, March, and May graduates are invited to attend Convocation and Graduation ceremonies in May at the Harvard Chan School and at Harvard Yard. The website has basic information on the ceremony and beginning in February includes information about the May Graduation. It is the graduate’s responsibility to obtain information from this site. November and March graduates should continue to check their Harvard email accounts for May Convocation and Graduation details.

The process by which students apply to graduate is separate and distinct from declaring one’s intention to attend the ceremonies.