Class Attendance

Class attendance, whether in-person or virtual, is required for successful class performance. An absence for any reason, including participation in a site visit or other School-related activity, does not relieve a student of responsibility for any part of the work covered in the class during the period of absence. Absences are excused in the event of a personal illness or family emergency. In those instances, absences from class will not count against a class participation policy, and students will be given an opportunity to make up missed work. Students who must be absent for more than a few days must contact the Sr. Associate Director for Student Support at for support and guidance.

Travel for recruiting, interviews, or research trips will not be excused, and students may be penalized in accordance with any class rules articulated in the course syllabus.

Extended absences may preclude receiving course credit at the discretion of the faculty member or program director. On occasion, rare, extenuating circumstances may prevent a student from being present in class for a longer period of time than two weeks.  In these exceptional cases when remote participation allows a student to finish a nearly completed term, the student may petition the Exceptions Committee to allow remote participation.  If absence is due to illness, please contact Colleen Cronin for support and guidance.

The Exception Committee has sole discretion to evaluate and decide whether to grant the request. The Exceptions Committee’s decision is final.  If the absence is approved by the Exceptions Committee, the teaching faculty will determine how to implement the decision in consultation with the appropriate Program Chair, Office for Student Services and Chan School information technology services.  For students who participate remotely, all other school policies and processes apply, including the rules for taking exams.

Exam Schedules
Students are required to take examinations as scheduled. Absence from examinations is permitted only in extraordinary circumstances, and the reason must be verified. If authorized by the instructor to do so, the program administrator will plan for a makeup exam.

Voting in Governmental Elections
Voting is not an excused absence. The polls open early and close late, so voting can be scheduled around classes.

Jury Duty
Jury duty or a court summons that cannot be postponed is an excused absence.