Study looks at the mortality impact of covid-19 pandemic on diverse sub-groups of Asian Americans

headshot of Sung Park

A pre-print (not yet peer-reviewed) article in medRxiv authored by our recent Sloan Fellow on Aging and Work Sung S. Park, PhD, and her colleagues reveals that life expectancy during the pandemic amongst the six largest Asian American subgroups ( Asian Indians, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese) is not equal.

“All major Asian subgroups except Japanese experienced greater losses of life in 2019–2020 as well as cumulatively (2019-2021) than Whites, with Vietnamese, Filipinos, and other South/Southeast Asians having suffered the largest declines in life expectancy among non-Hispanic Asians. Vietnamese and other Southeast Asians experienced the greatest cumulative losses across all racial/ethnic groups except Native Americans.”