Exploratory workshop examines concept of community in context of climate change and energy transition

Jason Beckfield at podium at community and climate resilience exploratory workshop

The Harvard Center for Population and Development (HCPDS) co-sponsored a one-day workshop with the goal of bringing together policy experts and decision makers, researchers, and community-based advocates to explore the concept of “community” recently prioritized by federal legislation as it relates to climate change and energy transition. “Defining community for climate resilience and energy transition,” which was co-sponsored by The Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability Research at Harvard University (the “Strengthening Communities” cluster) convened over 30 people from a range of domains to examine various definitions of community, the distribution of funding from the federal to community levels, and how to maximize community engagement. HCPDS Associate Director Jason Beckfield is a member of this cluster at The Salata Institute, and hosted the workshop.