Social Demography Seminars

The Social Demography Seminar (SDS) at the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies provides a lively forum for scholars to discuss in-progress, social-scientific research. As a category, social demography includes work that uses demographic methods to describe and explain the distribution of social goods across populations. The SDS will showcase works-in-progress on a wide variety of topics such as family, gender, inequality, im/migration, fertility, mortality, and the institutional arrangements that shape and respond to population processes.

The core faculty includes Jason Beckfield, Mary Brinton, Sasha Killewald, Devah Pager, and Mary Waters, all Harvard sociologists, plus Lisa Berkman, a social epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

The seminars will occur on Thursdays, 12-1:30 p.m. in the conference room at 9 Bow Street in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and those with other academic appointments (e.g. research scientist or associate) are welcome.

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Upcoming Social Demography Seminars – Spring 2017
(additional titles are forthcoming)

March 30: Fertility and the digital revolution, Francesco Billari, PhD, Professor of Sociology and Demography, Fellow of Nuffield College, University of Oxford

April 6: Educational gaps in parenting behavior and academic achievement across cohorts: The United Kingdom, 1958-2000, Margot Jackson, PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology, Brown University

April 13: Babies, work, or both? The interdependence of women’s employment and fertility in East Asia, Mary Brinton, PhD, Reischauer Institute Professor of Sociology, Harvard University

April 20: PAA Practice Talks: Coming of age in an unequal state: The life course effects of economic inequality on health, Beth Truesdale, Harvard PhD candidate in sociology, and TBD

May 4: Melinda Mills, PhD, Nuffield Professor of Sociology, University of Oxford

Past Social Demography Seminars