Research Focal Areas

Over the past 50 years, the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies has shifted in its concerns about overpopulation and has expanded its focus to examine relevant questions involving demographic shifts, resources, health, and the environment. We continue to rely strongly on a robust cadre of multi-disciplinary faculty to advance the field of population science. Although we cover an array of topics, we address some of the world’s leading population and demographic challenges by focusing on the following four research focal areas:
  • Social & Environmental Determinants of Population Health
  • Aging Societies
  • Workplace & Well-being
  • Social & Family Demography

Research Projects

The Harvard Pop Center is currently involved in numerous projects that span our four focal areas and capitalize on the expertise of our wide range of faculty members.

Working Papers

The Harvard Pop Center offers two series of working papers:
  • HCPDS Working Paper Series
  • is a flexible outlet for affiliates to publish their work in progress to the scholarly community in an open-access form.
  • Archive of Older Working Papers,
  • consisting of the working papers of Center members, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting scholars from 1990–2004