Dept. of Epi Work-in-Progress Seminar with Adedotun Ogunbajo

Head shot of Adedotun

Our postdoctoral fellow Adedotun Ogunbajo will be presenting “Psychosocial problems mediate the relationship between minority stress and HIV sexual risk among Nigerian sexual minority men.” There will also be a presentation by Hari Iyer, ScD, a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard Chan School.

Harvard Yerby Fellow contributes to research on health outcomes among racial and sexual minorities in Nigeria

Head shot of Ade Ogunbajo

Harvard Yerby Fellow Adedotun Ogunbajo, PhD, has recently published two papers that contribute to the body of work focused on sexual and mental health outcomes among racial and sexual minority communities. One paper published in the journal Global Public Health originated as the first chapter of his dissertation; it qualitatively explores how experiences of minority stress impact mental health and sexual risk taking among gay and bisexual men in Nigeria.…

Welcoming our new cohort of postdoctoral fellows!

Three new postdoctoral fellows at the Harvard Pop Center

We are very pleased to welcome the three members of the 2020-2022 cohort of postdoctoral fellows at the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies. Our incoming David E. Bell Fellow, Madeleine Daepp, recently completed her doctorate in the department of urban studies and planning at MIT. Her PhD research spanned public health and demography, with papers on post-disaster residential mobility, neighborhood attainment, and the effect of healthcare reform on…