In wake of COVID-19 and home quarantine, symptoms of anxiety and depression are weighing down many adults in Bangladesh

Harvard Pop Center research assistant Enryka Christopher is an author of a study published in International Journal of Environmental Health Research that finds that one-third of surveyed home-quarantined adults were suffering from symptoms of anxiety, while over one-half were experiencing symptoms of depression. “These findings warrant the consideration of easily accessible low-intensity mental health interventions during and beyond this pandemic.” Authors: Md. Hasan Al Banna, Abu Sayeed, Satyajit Kundu, Enryka…

Exposure to air pollution in utero linked to child stunting in Bangladesh

Harvard Pop Center faculty member David Canning is co-author of a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health that reveals that children who were exposed to fine particulate ambient air pollution in utero in Bangladesh—a densely populated country that recently ranked last on air quality—were significantly more likely to suffer from stunting.