In India, is child’s BMI influenced more by mother’s BMI than father’s?

Harvard Pop Center faculty member S V Subramanian (Subu), PhD, and former Harvard Bell Fellow Daniel Corsi, PhD, are co-authors on a paper published in Archives of Disease in Childhood that explores the fetal roots of body mass index (BMI) in India.

Report warns of high cost of increasing non-communicable diseases in Indonesia

A World Economic Forum report co-authored by Pop Center affiliated faculty member David Bloom, PhD, and PGDA Fellow Mark McGovern, PhD, warn that increasing non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and mental health conditions) could cost the emerging country of Indonesia close to 4.5 trillion dollars from 2012-2030. The report was covered by CNBC and this Wall Street Journal blog.

Living in communities with more bars puts young South African women at increased risk for Herpes Simplex 2

Harvard Pop Center Bell Fellow Molly Rosenberg, PhD, is lead author of a study published in journal Sexually Transmitted Diseases that examines whether living in communities with more alcohol outlets is associated with increased prevalence of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 (HSV-2) infection among young women living in South African villages. Pop Center faculty members Stephen Tollman, PhD, and Kathleen Kahn, PhD, are also authors on the paper.

More generous maternity leave benefits linked to better mental health for women into older age

Harvard Pop Center Director Lisa Berkman, PhD, is co-author of a study published in Social Science & Medicine that explores the relationship between comprehensive maternity leave benefits and women’s mental health in later life, based on evidence from European countries.  The researchers, including Pop Center faculty member and former Bell Fellow Mauricio Avendano, PhD, who is lead author on the study, along with Giacomo Pasini, PhD, who was a visiting…

Dropping out of school puts South African youth at increased risk for teen pregnancy

Harvard Pop Center Bell Fellow Molly Rosenberg, PhD, is lead author on a study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology that examines whether teen pregnancy is associated with school enrollment in South Africa. Pop Center faculty members Kathleen Kahn, PhD, and Stephen Tollman, PhD, are also authors on the paper.