Mother’s education level linked to child’s risk of obesity

picture of a baby eating

A mother’s education level has been found to be linked to her offspring’s body mass index (BMI) as early as three years of age in three European countries. The recent findings by Harvard Pop Center affiliates (faculty member Mauricio Avendano, Bell Fellow Emilie Courtin, and former visiting scientist Cathal McCrory) and their colleagues have been published in Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, and the study has received attention in the news……

Speed of heart rate recovery may help to predict mortality risk

Harvard Pop Center Director Lisa Berkman, PhD, and visiting scientist Cathal McCrory, PhD, are authors on a paper published in Circulation Research that finds that those among a group of age 50 and older participants who had the slowest heart rate recovery were more than twice as likely to die over the following four years than those who recovered the fastest.