Narrowing in on disparities in life expectancy across the U.S. with help of census-tract level data


A study published in PNAS is the first to look at life-expectancy data at the local, state, and county levels across the U.S. Findings reveal significant disparities at the micro level (census-tract) suggesting that analyzing life expectancy data at the typical state and county levels may not be local enough to get an accurate picture of life expectancy inequalities. “There is a need for greater precision and targeting of local…

Do racial disparities in cognitive outcomes in US adults vary by state of primary school attendance?

Harvard Pop Center Principal Analyst Sze Yan (Sam) Liu is lead author on a paper in Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society that explores whether variability in cognitive outcomes in adults is attributable to state of school attendance, especially during formative years of primary school. Pop Center faculty member Maria Glymour, PhD, is also an author on the paper.