How stressors are perceived may contribute to differences in mental health between Black and white older adults

Head shot of Leah Abrams

Despite higher levels of exposure to common chronic stressors across five life domains (health, financial, residential, relationship, and caregiving), Black study participants were found to suffer less from symptoms of anxiety and depression than white study participants. Our new Sloan Fellow on Aging and Work, Leah Abrams, PhD, is an author on a paper that that explores how stress appraisal (the extent to which stress exposures are perceived to be…

Focusing on the link between democratic governance, climate change, and health inequities

Men and women of different ethnicities with signs at a climate change rally

Faculty member Nancy Krieger, PhD, has shared her viewpoint in this piece published in the Journal of Public Health Policy that calls for those in the public health and medical field, in particular, to take practical action steps to better integrate the realms of democratic governance, climate change, and health inequities. She outlines actionable steps, along with information-rich resources, in a table. Photo: Alisdare Hickson on Flickr