Two working papers document COVID-19 stats in light of county-level political lean and regional inequities

Map of United States counties during 2020 election

Two recently posted Harvard Pop Center working papers by Nancy Krieger, PhD, and her colleagues document COVID-19 cases and deaths from July 1 – September 15, 2021, spotlighting greater risk in Republican-leaning counties (particularly when coupled with higher poverty levels), and in those regions of the country with greater inequities.

SPECIAL EVENT: Book Launch for “Ecosocial Theory, Embodied Truths, and the People’s Health”

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Please join us for a virtual Book Launch Event for Nancy Krieger’s latest book, Ecosocial Theory, Embodied Truths, and the People’s Health published by Oxford University Press as part of the Small Books, Big Ideas in Population Health series. This webinar will feature Nancy Krieger, PhD, who is the series editor, and also is Professor of Social Epidemiology and American Cancer Society Clinical Research Professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan…

“Picturing Prevention” working paper offers impactful visualizations of the protection of vaccination from hospitalization and death due to COVID-19

Graph showing Visualization of the number of persons fully vaccinated and unvaccinated, and the number of hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19, for 12 US states, January – July 2021.

A Harvard Pop Center Working Paper by Jarvis T. Chen, ScD, Christian Testa, BS, William P. Hanage, PhD, and Nancy Krieger, PhD, offers vivid and simple graphics that illustrate why getting vaccinated against COVID-19 matters by depicting available data for 12 states from January – July 2021.

Krieger et. al. call for medical journals to publish more empirical studies on racism and health

Head shot of Nancy Krieger

In this analysis published in Health Affairs, Nancy Krieger, professor of social epidemiology,  and her colleagues take a look back at how many times the word “racism” appears in a search of scientific literature published over the last three decades by four of the world’s leading medical journals. The authors have also authored this piece published in Time Magazine that introduces the findings of their study to a wide and…

Social Demography Seminar with Nancy Krieger

Head shot of Nancy Krieger

Nancy Krieger, PhD, professor of social epidemiology, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, will present “COVID-19, structural racism, embodied histories, and the two-edged sword of data.” Please REGISTER.

Finally, a look at COVID-19 mortality rates by race/ethnicity AND EDUCATIONAL LEVEL

Graphs showing COVID-19 mortality rate in U.S. by race/ethnicity and age

“Intersectional inequities in COVID-19 mortality by race/ethnicity and education in the United States, January 1, 2020–January 31, 2021,” is the latest Harvard Pop Center working paper by Jarvis Chen, Christian Testa, Pamela Waterman, and Nancy Krieger. On February 2, the US National Center for Health Statistics published data relating to COVID-19 deaths that had been missing from the government health statistics for the first year of the pandemic under the…

It’s “Groundhog Day,” AGAIN! Nearly one-half of COVID-19 vaccination data is missing race/ethnicity info., reminiscent of earlier gaps in COVID-19 case and mortality data

Collage with COVID-19 vaccines, race and ethnicity form with a question mark

A Harvard Pop Center working paper points out that the Morbidity and Mortality report by the US Centers for Disease Control released on February 2 (which happened to be Groundhog Day) is missing race and ethnicity information for nearly half of the people who were vaccinated during the first month of the roll out. Age and gender information were missing from only .1% and 3% respectively. The paper calls for…