Finally, a look at COVID-19 mortality rates by race/ethnicity AND EDUCATIONAL LEVEL

Graphs showing COVID-19 mortality rate in U.S. by race/ethnicity and age

“Intersectional inequities in COVID-19 mortality by race/ethnicity and education in the United States, January 1, 2020–January 31, 2021,” is the latest Harvard Pop Center working paper by Jarvis Chen, Christian Testa, Pamela Waterman, and Nancy Krieger. On February 2, the US National Center for Health Statistics published data relating to COVID-19 deaths that had been missing from the government health statistics for the first year of the pandemic under the…

It’s “Groundhog Day,” AGAIN! Nearly one-half of COVID-19 vaccination data is missing race/ethnicity info., reminiscent of earlier gaps in COVID-19 case and mortality data

Collage with COVID-19 vaccines, race and ethnicity form with a question mark

A Harvard Pop Center working paper points out that the Morbidity and Mortality report by the US Centers for Disease Control released on February 2 (which happened to be Groundhog Day) is missing race and ethnicity information for nearly half of the people who were vaccinated during the first month of the roll out. Age and gender information were missing from only .1% and 3% respectively. The paper calls for…

Warning against basing equitable COVID-19 vaccine distribution on static county-level social & economic data

Sign with vaccine pointing in a direction courtesy of

A Harvard Pop Center Working paper warns against basing equitable COVID-19 vaccine allocation throughout the U.S. on static county-level social and economic data, as researchers find “enormous” variation (time and region) in the relationship between community characteristics and COVID-19 case and death rates per capita over the last 9 months.

Media briefing on link between workplace exposures and spread of COVID-19 features Nancy Krieger and data from Harvard Pop Center Working Paper

Head shot of Nancy Krieger

Join the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) for a media briefing on Thursday, November 19 at 3:00 PM EST. Nancy Krieger will present data from a recent paper that originated as a Harvard Pop Center Working Paper that shows a link between worker complaints to OSHA about unsafe exposures to COVID-19 and a rise in deaths in the surrounding community.

They’ve worked their way to publication…

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A number of recent Harvard Pop Center Working Papers (all of which address the COVID-19 pandemic) have been published in journals (see below). For a complete list, please visit the Harvard Pop Center Working Papers page. Volume 19, #1 has been published in the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice: “Revealing the Unequal Burden of COVID-19 by Income, Race/Ethnicity, and Household Crowding: US County Versus Zip Code Analyses.” Media…

Harvard Pop Center Working Paper cited in New York Times; contributes race and ethnicity data on years of potential life lost by younger American Black and Latinos due to COVID-19

Latina young woman and Black young man

A Harvard Pop Center Working Paper (now published in PLOS Medicine) is referenced in a piece in The New York Times that explores the potential years of life lost in the United States due to COVID-19. Photos (left): by Diana Simumpande on Unsplash; (right) Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash

Working paper shows COVID-19 is spiking in Red counties, flat in Blue this fall

Graph showing surge in Covid-19 in Red States; Blue States flat

A Harvard Pop Center Working Paper, “The changing political geographies of COVID-19 in the US,” shows that this fall there is a reverse in the trend from the spring, when case counts and excess death rates were higher in counties that lean Democratic. This fall, the counties that lean most Republican are experiencing a spike in cases and death rates, whereas the rates in counties that lean more Democratic are…

1-2-3: Counting the missteps of the U.S. Federal Government’s handling of COVID-19

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A new Harvard Pop Center Working Paper assesses the impact of the U.S. Federal Government’s “missteps” regarding the entry, spread and inequities associated with COVID-19. Authors include: William P. Hanage, Christian Testa, Jarvis T. Chen, L. Davis, Elise Pechter, Mauricio  Santillana, and Nancy Krieger. Photo credit: Nancy Krieger

STILL MISSING: US racial/ethnic data for COVID-19 cases

COVID-19 virus with question marks layered on top of it

A Harvard Pop Center working paper finds that despite a federal policy that went into effect in early June requiring that racial/ethnic data be reported for all COVID-19 cases, it is still not being adequately reported. Based on publicly available data at the CDC website, close to half of the cases reported between August 28, 2020 and September 16, 2020 are still missing this key information. “These findings suggest that…

ENOUGH: Nancy Krieger looks back (and forward) as country grapples with convergence of multiple crises

the word ENOUGH in Gray and White big letters

Harvard Pop Center faculty affiliate Nancy Krieger, PhD, has written an editorial published in the American Journal of Public Health that sheds light on the nature of the inequities exposed by COVID-19. Krieger also shares words of inspiration and encouragement—her own, as well as those of notable historical figures—that call for us to stay strong in the fight to bring about “health justice, democratic governance, and an equitable, sustainable future.”