STILL MISSING: US racial/ethnic data for COVID-19 cases

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A Harvard Pop Center working paper finds that despite a federal policy that went into effect in early June requiring that racial/ethnic data be reported for all COVID-19 cases, it is still not being adequately reported. Based on publicly available data at the CDC website, close to half of the cases reported between August 28, 2020 and September 16, 2020 are still missing this key information. “These findings suggest that…

Special webinar event: “Health, the Hidden Violence of the Race” — inclusion in the time of COVID-19, international webinars addressing racism, discrimination and exclusion

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This UNESCO webinar will take place on Wed, June 24 at 4 pm CEST (Paris time) – which is 10 am in Boston and 7 am in San Francisco, etc, and is organized by the UNESCO program on “The Slave Route: Resistance, Liberty, Heritage.” Professor Nancy Krieger will be a participant. 1) INFORMATION ON HOW TO SIGN UP Nº du webinaire         988 9578 5182 Mot de passe             172242  URL d’inscription…

Age reveals clearer picture of COVID-19 mortality inequities across racial and ethnic groups


A Harvard Pop Center working paper by Mary Bassett, MD, MPH, Jarvis Chen, ScD, and Nancy Krieger, PhD, exposes the “magnitude of mortality inequities” across multiple racial and ethnic groups by analyzing age-specific mortality rates. While COVID-19 mortality rates were higher for racial and ethnic minorities at all ages, the rate for those ages 25-54 was 7-9 times higher when compared to the non-Hispanic white population. According to the authors,…

When is the best time to prevent early childhood obesity?

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Harvard Pop Center faculty members Tracy Richmond, Mauricio Avendano, and Ichiro Kawachi, along with their colleague Inyang A. Isong, have published a study that takes a longitudinal look at the weight and growth status of kindergarten-aged children from various racial/ethnic backgrounds. Photo: Courtesy of Penn State on Flickr

David Williams on effect of racial bias in health care

In a JAMA opinion piece published last week, David Williams  discussed how societal racial bias contributes to disparities in health care and health status. “The health care system cannot eliminate racial/ethnic disparities in health,” wrote Williams. “Health care professionals need to collaborate with other sectors of society to increase awareness about the health implications of social policies in domains far removed from traditional medical and public health interventions.” Williams also was featured…