Novel audit study finds that employers did not discriminate against job applicants that support unions

Head shot of A. Nicole Kreisberg

New Harvard Bell Postdoctoral Fellow A. Nicole Kreisberg, PhD, and her colleague Nathan Wilmers, PhD, published a study in which they submitted hundreds of resumes (some indicating union support) in response to actual job postings, and evaluated employer callback rates.

When trying to receive health care for depression, discrimination does not help

Headshot of Leslie Adams

Our Bell Fellow Leslie Adams collaborated on this paper based on a qualitative component of a larger, mixed-methods, community-based participatory research study focused on understanding how health care discrimination influences depression treatment preferences. The study provides a more in-depth investigation of the implications of negative interactions in the health care sector for diverse people with lived experience of depression. The study was funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute…

A closer look at discrimination and systemic inflammation, a key biomarker for stress-related illnesses

David R. Williams and Justin Rogers

Harvard Pop Center postdoctoral fellow Justin Rodgers, and faculty member David R. Williams are among the authors of a critical review and synthesis published in Brain, Behavior and Immunity that summarizes the literature about discrimination and inflammation, explains the recent findings, and offers recommendations for future research.

A holistic research framework: Factoring in role that discrimination may play in child and adolescent health

Harvard Pop Center faculty member David R. Williams, MPH, PhD, and colleagues have penned an editorial in JAMA Pediatrics that prescribes the inclusion of discrimination (including race/ethnicity, immigrant status, sexual orientation, religion, and disability status) in the health research of an increasingly diverse population of children and adolescents.

How do welfare state efforts and immigration incorporation policies impact minority health inequalities in Europe?

Harvard Pop Center Associate Director Jason Beckfield is an author on a paper published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior that finds that policies aimed at protecting minorities from discrimination across European countries correlate with smaller relative health inequalities.