Bell Fellow A. Nicole Kreisberg talks with The Boston Globe about ways that we can solve the labor shortage problem

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Research by our Bell Fellow A. Nicole Kreisberg is cited in this piece in The Boston Globe: “America is running out of working-age adults. Here’s how to solve the labor shortage.” If you can’t access the above link, here is a pdf version of the piece.

From Harvard Pop Center working paper to Op-Ed: Harvard Bell Fellow pens this commentary on hiring discrimination faced by immigrants

Based on this working paper, A. Nicole Kreisberg, PhD, penned an op-ed titled “Even with green cards, immigrants face hiring discrimination based on where they were born” published in the Chicago Tribune. (Here’s a pdf of the Op-Ed.) Kreisberg shares this summary: “Recent policy proposals advocate administering more unused green cards to immigrants, largely under the premise that work rights will promote work access. But my research finds employers discriminate…

The equalizing power of U.S. higher education for immigrant Indian women’s job prospects

Harvard Bell Fellow A. Nicole Kreisberg, PhD, and her colleague Liz Jacobs, PhD, have published their findings in International Migration which suggest that although according to the New Immigrant Survey, Indian men do better than Indian women in the U.S. job market, women with a U.S. college degree experience nearly the same occupational attainment as comparably educated Indian men.

Novel audit study finds that employers did not discriminate against job applicants that support unions

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New Harvard Bell Postdoctoral Fellow A. Nicole Kreisberg, PhD, and her colleague Nathan Wilmers, PhD, published a study in which they submitted hundreds of resumes (some indicating union support) in response to actual job postings, and evaluated employer callback rates.