From Harvard Pop Center working paper to Op-Ed: Harvard Bell Fellow pens this commentary on hiring discrimination faced by immigrants

Based on this working paper, A. Nicole Kreisberg, PhD, penned an op-ed titled “Even with green cards, immigrants face hiring discrimination based on where they were born” published in the Chicago Tribune. (Here’s a pdf of the Op-Ed.) Kreisberg shares this summary: “Recent policy proposals advocate administering more unused green cards to immigrants, largely under the premise that work rights will promote work access. But my research finds employers discriminate…

When it comes to hiring, racial discrimination against African-Americans in U.S. holding steady

Despite improvements in racial bias and inequities in certain respects over the last 25 years in the United States, a new meta-analysis indicates that there has been no change in the level of hiring discrimination against African-Americans, while there has been some improvement within the Latino population. Harvard Pop Center faculty member Devah Pager, PhD, is author on a paper published in PNAS. Read more in Northwestern Now.