A closer look at discrimination and systemic inflammation, a key biomarker for stress-related illnesses

David R. Williams and Justin Rogers

Harvard Pop Center postdoctoral fellow Justin Rodgers, and faculty member David R. Williams are among the authors of a critical review and synthesis published in Brain, Behavior and Immunity that summarizes the literature about discrimination and inflammation, explains the recent findings, and offers recommendations for future research.

Prenatal social adversity associated with high-risk levels of inflammation in adulthood

According to a study co-authored by Harvard Pop Center affiliated faculty members Ichiro Kawachi, MD, PhD, and Laura Kubzansky, PhD, Harvard RWJF HSS Alumna Amy Non, PhD, and colleagues, prenatal social adversity was associated with a 3-fold risk for elevated levels of  C-reactive protein (CRP) in adulthood, which indicates high risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).