Reframing “environmental harms” to include more than just pollutants and toxins to effectively address reproductive health inequities

Head shot of Brittney Francis

Harvard Bell Fellow Brittney Butler, PhD, has co-authored a review in the journal Current Obstetrics and Gynecology Reports that examines the literature from the last five years focused on “the built and social environment factors and maternal pregnancy complications among racially marginalized women.” Their findings point to a scant number of existing studies—after excluding the ones that focused on environmental toxins—and they make the case for why an environmental justice framework is…

A historical approach to validating racism as a key determinant of health

David Williams standing next to granite wall at Harvard Chan School

The February 2022 issue of the journal Health Affairs takes a deeper look at racism and health. Harvard Pop Center faculty affiliate David Williams, along with co-author Ruth Enid Zambrana, contribute to this piece on how the past four decades of scholarship, along with some more recent insights, have helped to highlight why racism needs to be part of the “national discourse on racial inequities in health.”

Krieger et. al. call for medical journals to publish more empirical studies on racism and health

Head shot of Nancy Krieger

In this analysis published in Health Affairs, Nancy Krieger, professor of social epidemiology,  and her colleagues take a look back at how many times the word “racism” appears in a search of scientific literature published over the last three decades by four of the world’s leading medical journals. The authors have also authored this piece published in Time Magazine that introduces the findings of their study to a wide and…

Nancy Krieger takes on the Harvard Chan School’s Big 3 in response to killing of George Floyd and national protests

Nancy Krieger on the Big 3

Harvard Pop Center faculty member Nancy Krieger, PhD, is featured in The Big 3, a Q & A format that explores topical issues in public health. Social Epidemiologist and Professor Nancy Krieger discusses the recent police violence and national protests in the context of a  longstanding history of structural racism in the United States.