Non-health government expenditure found to be associated with reduction in infant mortality rate inequalities in LMICs

A study published in Health Economics, Policy and Law has found non-health government spending to be associated with lower inequalities in infant mortality rates in low- and middle-income countries, whereas health government expenditure was not. Harvard Pop Center faculty member Mauricio Avendano is an author on the study.

Earlier breastfeeding associated with fewer respiratory problems during first six months for infants in Tanzania

Wafaie Fawzi is an author on a paper published in The Journal of Pediatrics that explores the link between breastfeeding initiation time, and morbidity and mortality among infants in Tanzania.

Do fertility transitions influence infant mortality declines? Study sheds new light

PGDA Fellow Mark McGovern, PhD, has co-authored a study published in the October issue of Journal of Population Economics that presents a new approach to evaluating the relationship between falling rates of infant mortality and fertility reductions.