Earlier breastfeeding associated with fewer respiratory problems during first six months for infants in Tanzania

Wafaie Fawzi is an author on a paper published in The Journal of Pediatrics that explores the link between breastfeeding initiation time, and morbidity and mortality among infants in Tanzania. Photo: USAid on Flickr

Blood tests during infancy could help to identify children more likely to become underweight in Tanzania

Harvard Pop Center faculty member Wafaie Fawzi is author on a paper published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that has found that Tanzanian infants (at 6 weeks) with elevated levels of antibodies to LPS and flagellin (potential markers of environmental enteric dysfunction (EED)) in their blood were approximately two times more likely to become underweight.  

Nearly half of children in Tanzania whose mother died during or near birth don’t survive past 10th birthday

Harvard Pop Center Research Core Director Jocelyn Finlay, PhD, is lead author on a study published in Maternal and Child Health Journal that reveals a much higher mortality rate for those children who lost their mother during or shortly after birth, suggesting that improving health care of mothers, particularly while pregnant and during birth, will help to save children’s lives. Harvard Pop Center Associate Director David Canning, PhD, is also…