Marcia Castro authors book chapter: MALARIA IN THE BRAZILIAN AMAZON

Harvard Pop Center faculty member Marcia Castro, PhD, has authored a chapter in the book  Water and Sanitation‐Related Diseases and the Changing Environment: Challenges, Interventions, and Preventive Measures, Second Edition. Castro examines the context of the steady rise in malaria cases in the Brazilian Amazon with the intention of shedding light on strategies to minimize the transmission of the disease.

Focus groups in Uganda shed light on ways to increase diagnostic testing of malaria

Harvard Pop Center faculty members Jessica Cohen, PhD, and Günther Fink, PhD, are co-authors on a paper published in Malaria Journal that explores ways to boost demand for diagnostic testing of malaria, particularly in the private (retail) sector.

Higher levels of serum Vit. D associated with increased mortality/morbidity in HIV-infected/exposed Tanzanian infants in malaria-endemic setting

Harvard Pop Center affiliated faculty member Wafaie Fawzi is co-author on a study published in the Journal of Nutrition that examines the status of Vitamin D measured in the blood of HIV-infected and HIV-exposed Tanzanian infants in a malaria-endemic setting. The study yields some unexpected findings that call for additional research.