Multilevel modeling: innovative, valuable tool for evaluating intersectionality of health inequalities

Harvard Pop Center faculty members David R. Williams, PhD, and  S V Subramanian, PhD, are authors on a paper published in Social Science & Medicine that offers a novel way to explore the numerous and complex interactions of interlocking social identities, and the systems of oppression and privilege that shape them.

To better understand impact of context on health, exploring multiple contexts simultaneously might help

In a study published in Health & Place, co-authors Harvard Pop Center affiliated faculty members Tracy Richmond, MD, and SV Subramanian (Subu), PhD, examined the effect of neighborhood and schools  on smoking behavior in adolescents. The contexts were examined one at a time, as well as simultaneously, and the results suggest that cross-classified multilevel modeling (CCMM) — evaluating multiple contexts simultaneously– may lead to more accurate results.

Team of Harvard Pop Center researchers publish paper on impact of unemployment on smoking and drinking

A team of Harvard Pop Center researchers, including current Yerby Fellow Mariana Arcaya, and Pop Center-affiliated faculty members Maria Glymour, Ichiro Kawachi, and SV Subramanian, have published a paper in Social Science & Medicine that looks at individual and spousal unemployment as predictors of smoking and drinking behavior.