Social Demography Seminar with Ohjae Gowen

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Ohjae Gowen, PhD candidate in sociology, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and HCPDS graduate student affiliate, will present (in person) “Career, children, or neither? Fathers’ housework and mothers’ work-family arrangements following first birth.” Please register for either in person or virtual attendance (see link below).

Caregiving responsibilities at home may impact working mothers’ intentions to expand family

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A study published in the European Sociological Review by former HCPDS Graduate Student Affiliate Sinn Won Han, current HCPDS Graduate Student Affiliate Ohjae Gowen, and HCPDS faculty member Mary Brinton expands recent research that shows an increase in both female labor force participation and fertility rates (a change signaling possible greater gender equality within the household) by looking at the impact of the persistent “gender-role ideology” that continues to prioritize…