Polishing Japan’s Silver: Aging Sustainably in the 21st Century (An Abe Global 2022 Event)

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Harvard Pop Center faculty affiliate Mary Brinton is chairing this webinar that features four other panelists… Across the world, societies are struggling to design sustainable policies for their aging populations. In much of the developed world, an increasing share of the population is over 60. In Japan, which has long been viewed as the pioneer “super-aging” society, nearly 30% of the population is now over 65. Individuals are living much…

How do gender equality and perceived economic insecurity influence fertility intentions in Spain?

Gender equality is positively associated with fertility, whereas perceived economic uncertainty tends to contribute to lower fertility. Recent postdoc fellow Xiana Bueno and faculty member Mary Brinton have authored a paper published in Population Studies that explores what happens when these two different factors intersect in Spain.