Quantifying mental health impacts of Covid-19 lockdowns among senior population in Turkey

Head shot of Onur Altindag

Visiting scientist (and former Harvard Bell Fellow) Onur Altindag, PhD, is an author on a new working paper that sets out to quantify the mental health effects experienced by those aged 65 years and older during a period of strict curfew imposed by the Turkish government in response to Covid-19.  

A population-level look at subjective well-being after the 2014 Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion

Headshots of Lindsay, Onur, Yulya, and Lisa

Researchers affiliated with the Harvard Pop Center, including Director Lisa Berkman, have published a study that looks at the impact of the Medicaid expansion on subjective well-being among low-income and general adult U.S. populations. Self-perceived measures of happiness, sadness, worry, stress, and life satisfaction did not appear to be impacted by the increased access to healthcare among the low-income sector or by a spill-over effect in the general population. The…

Harvard Pop Center Working Paper: What kind of impact did 3 million refugees have on businesses and the informal economy?

According to a working paper authored by recent Harvard Bell Fellow Onur Altindag and his colleagues, the Syrians refugees that flowed into Turkey had a positive impact on its informal economy, particularly on smaller firms and those in the construction and hospitality industries.

How does Syrian refugee influx influence voting behavior and election outcomes in Turkey?

A working paper co-authored by by Bell Fellow Onur Altindag, PhD, shows that the massive influx of approximately three million Syrians into Turkey brought about only a modest drop in support for the AKP (the ruling Justice and Development party) and a statistically insignificant impact on election outcomes. The discussion paper is produced by IZA Institute of Labor Economics.

A closer look at minors’ use of U.S. courts to bypass parental consent when seeking an abortion

Harvard Bell Fellow Onur Altindag, PhD, is co-author of a paper published in the American Journal of Public Health that reveals significant demographic differences between minors who seek an abortion through a judicial bypass and those who have parental consent in Arkansas, the only state that provides such data at the individual level. For the first time, the study additionally shows stark aggregate differences in the use of judicial bypass…