Fact checking nutrition, health and development indicators in the Parliamentary Constituencies of India

Map of India's parliamentary constituencies

There are 543 Parliamentary Constituencies (PCs) in India, and these political units are key to improving human capital and development. Expanding on their own recent research, Harvard Pop Center faculty member S (Subu) V Subramanian, Research Associate Rockli Kim and their colleagues have made data tables and maps available via a website to help people visualize over one hundred critical indicators of nutrition, health and development to identify PCs that…

New methods to more accurately pinpoint areas experiencing greatest burden of child malnutrition in India

Head shot of Rockli Kim and S V Subramanian

Rockli Kim, ScD, and S V Subramanian, PhD, are among the authors of a study published in Social Science & MedicineĀ that furthers recent insights on the value of focusing on parliamentary constituencies to hone in on areas experiencing the greatest burden of child malnutrition indicators. Learn more in this Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health news item.

Viewing child malnutrition in India by parliamentary constituency hones in on burden

Head shot of Subu and Rockli

A study by Harvard Pop Center research associate Rockli Kim, ScD, and faculty member S (Subu) V Subramanian, PhD, and colleagues, that applies two newly developed geographic information systems methodologies to analyze theĀ 543 parliamentary constituencies in India has been published in Economic & Political Weekly. The results highlight several constituencies experiencing an increased malnutrition burden and in need of priority attention. Learn more about the findings in the news: Downtoearth.com…

New HCPDS Working Paper: Estimates of child malnutrition indicators for 543 Parliamentary Constituencies in India

Rockli Kim, SD, Yun Xu, MA, William Joe, PhD, and S (Subu) V Subramanian, PhD, have authored a novel working paper that presents robust estimates on five indicators of child malnutrition for each Parliamentary Constituency (PC) in India in 2016.