Researchers call into question the accuracy of using stunting as a metric for measuring undernutrition among children in India

Child in a field in India

S V Subramanian and Rockli Kim, along with their colleague Omar Karlsson, have authored a timely commentary published in The Lancet Global Health in which they caution policy makers in India — who are currently reformulating India’s flagship nutrition program, POSHAN Abhiyaan — about utilizing the stunting metric to determine the effectiveness of interventions targeting child undernutrition. Since the height of a child is partially genetically determined by the height…

Nancy Krieger on structural racism & health inequities in US

Harvard Pop Center faculty member Nancy Krieger, PhD, is an author of this conceptual report published in The Lancet on the role that structural racism (how racial discrimination is fostered through mutually reinforcing systems of housing, education, employment, earnings, benefits, credit, media, health care, and criminal justice) plays in racial health inequities.

Study finds mental health benefits for those immigrants eligible for DACA

Harvard Pop Center faculty members—Atheendar S Venkataramani, MD, Ichiro Kawachi, MD, PhD, and Alexander C Tsai, MD— along with recent Harvard RWJF Health & Society program alumnus Rourke O’Brien, PhD, and another colleague, are authors of this article in The Lancet Public Health that examines the health consequences of the US Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration program.

Montez calls for more research on macro-level causes of increased mortality among women in U.S.

Former Harvard RWJF Health & Society Scholar Jennifer Karas Montez, PhD, is co-author on a Commentary in The Lancet that calls for the next generation of studies on US mortality to focus more on macro-level factors, such as disparities across states’ social, economic, and policy environments, rather than just on the symptoms of higher mortality rates, which include suspect opiod prescribing practices and inadequate drug abuse and overdose treatment programs.