Videos & Podcasts 2017

Avendano discusses impact of conditional cash transfer programs on health

"Lifepath is a research consortium funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020, which aims to understand the impact of socio-economic differences on healthy ageing..."

Ashish Jha: How much do hospital rankings matter?

Ashish Jha helps to analyze the latest hospital rankings in U.S. News & World Report's annual list.

How can we make sure that wonder drugs of the future are accessible to all?

Health care economist Amitabh Chandra offers some alternatives to value-based drug pricing as better ways to make sure that potent medications of the future are affordable and accessible by all.

S. Bryn Austin discusses supplements and health

Professor of social and behavioral sciences S. Bryn Austin joins a panel on The Forum to discuss supplements and health

Lisa Berkman on how cohousing communities can help to prevent social isolation

Social epidemiologist Lisa Berkman shares insights into the value of cohousing in this edition of PBS NewsHour Weekend

Russ Hauser on Forum panel discussing hormone-altering chemicals

Russ Hauser appears on the Harvard Chan School Forum discussing the fertility and health implications of hormone-altering chemicals (endocrine disruptors).