Videos & Podcasts 2019

Beth Truesdale returns to alma mater to speak about truth, justice and aging in the workplace

Harvard Pop Center Beth Truesdale delivered the Institute for Freedom and Community Lecture at St. Olaf College.

Food policy expert plays the “Shopping Game” with a group of children

Sara Bleich demonstrates to young grocery shoppers how food policies can influence our choices.

Subramanian comments on link between neighborhood & health

Ride Boston's #1 bus route along with MA State Rep Liz Miranda (D-Dorchester) and New England Cable Network (NECN) as they discuss the gaps in health outcomes that widen as they travel along the five-mile route. Harvard Pop Center faculty member Subu Subramanian helps to shed light on the link between health and income inequalities.

A public health approach to an aging world

Lisa Berkman, along with Albert Hofman and Dean Michelle Williams, spoke at a Harvard Chan event in San Francisco that focused on aging, retiring later, and how to safeguard our cognitive health.