(March 30, 2015) NCI R35 (Outstanding Investigator Award) research proposal which I submitted in Oct 2014 has received the best Impact Score!  Council review is pending.


(May 9, 2015) Proceedings of The Second International Molecular Pathological Epidemiology (MPE) Meeting (S Ogino et al.) has been published online in Cancer Causes and Control.


Congratulations for Xuehong Zhang (Instructor in Medicine; Associate MPE Lab Member) whose K07 funding started!



Past Press Releases on our MPE studies (selected)

Possible effect of vitamin D on immune cell infiltrate in colorectal cancer:


Aspirin on risk of colorectal cancer according to BRAF mutation status:


Colonoscopy is effective for colorectal cancer prevention, but less effective to prevent MSI-high or CIMP-high subtype:


PIK3CA mutation in colorectal cancer may be a predictive biomarker for response to aspirin:


Obesity may be a risk factor for CTNNB1-negative subtype of colorectal cancer, which may be preventable by exercise: