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FACETS kicked off the summer of 2014 with a cohort of six awesome participants from undergraduate institutions across the U.S.


The summer program hopes to develop and cultivate participants’ interest in research while offering practical and professional experience to help them navigate graduate education. This year’s attendees participated in a set of activities titled “Public Health in Action,” which was led by Dr. Alecia McGregor. Participants did everything from visiting the Massachusetts State House and meeting with Representative Gloria Fox, to volunteering with Take the Test Boston to encourage community members to receive HIV testing.

In addition to daily introductory epidemiology and biostatistics courses, students received nanocourses in the following areas: chronic epidemiology, nutrition, environmental health and social and behavioral sciences. The courses which are created and taught by members of the School’s Postdoctoral Association provided attendees with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the various sciences offered at the Harvard Chan School.

To gain practical tools and build a network to better navigate higher education, participants attended a Power and Differences three part series to discuss identity, race and power. The attendees also heard from scientists of color at various stages of their career from current doctoral students to Yerby postdoctoral fellows to Harvard Chan School faculty.

And of course this year’s students participated in research! This year’s attendees worked on projects in the following areas with Harvard Chan School researchers: global health and population with Dr. Margaret McConnell, health policy and management with Drs. Meredith Rosenthal and Alecia McGregor and psychiatric epidemiology with Drs. Deborah Blacker and John Jackson.

2014 Participants:


Andrew Braun
University: The Ohio State University
Major: Microbiology & International Studies
Expected Graduation Year: 2015



Leslie Cerpa
University of California, Berkeley
Major: Public Health & Public Policy
Expected Graduation Year: 2016




Erica Chavez-Santos
University of Washington
Major: Public Health & Biology
Expected Graduation Year: 2015


Melanie Mendez
University: University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla
Major: Biology/Biomedical
Expected Graduation Year: 2015





Jessica Rothman
American University
Major: Public Health & Statistics
Expected Graduation Year: 2017


Laura Ruegsegger

The Ohio State University
Major: Public health, pre-medicine minor
Expected graduation: 2017