2015-2016 Dissertations

Congratulations to these doctoral candidates on reaching this incredible milestone in their academic journey

Department of Epidemiology doctoral students who successfully defended their dissertations:

Doctors of Science– Epidemiology

Ellen Christina Caniglia, Dissertation, “Dynamic Monitoring Strategies for HIV-Positive Individuals”

Maxine May Chen, Dissertation, “Genetics and Genomics of Endometrial Cancer”

Kirsten Sandstrom Dorans, Dissertation, “Ambient Air Pollution and Atherosclerosis: The Framingham Heart Study”

Leslie Virginia Farland, Dissertation, “A Prospective Study of Endometriosis and Breast Health: Findings from the Nurses’ Health Study II”

Kaitlin Ann Hagan, Dissertation, “Dietary and Hormonal Factors in Relation to Physical Function”

Katherine Carlson Hughes, Dissertation, “Dietary and Genetic Risk Factors for Parkin-son’s Disease”

Anders Huitfeldt, Dissertation, “Emulation of Target Trials to Study the Effectiveness and Safety of Medical Interventions”

Melanie Lynn Kornides, Dissertation, “Longitudinal, Time-Varying Behavioral Expo-sures and Changes in Childhood Adiposity”

Wenyuan Li, Dissertation, “Ambient Air Pollution, Adiposity, and Hepatic Steatosis: The Framingham Heart Study”

Xin Li, Dissertation, “Genetics, Caffeine Consumption, Height and Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer”

Sheng-Hsuan Lin, Dissertation, “Causal Mediation Analysis With Time-Varying and Multiple Mediators”

Patrick Kevin Mitchell, Dissertation, “Pneumococcal Population Dynamics in the Conju-gate Vaccine Era”

Eleanor Jane Murray, Dissertation, “Agent-Based Models for Causal Inference”

Catherine Elizabeth Oldenburg, Dissertation, “HIV Treatment and Prevention in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa: Individual, Couple, and Household Effects of Antiretroviral Therapy”

Ryan Murphy Seals, Dissertation, “Risk Factors for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis”

Amy Lee Shafrir, Dissertation, “Reproductive and Hormonal Factors in Relation to Ovarian Cancer Risk and Survival”

Lani Rapp Wegrzyn, Dissertation, “Circadian Disruption, Mammographic Density and Risk of Breast Cancer”

Doctors of Science– Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Mohammad M. S. Alseaidan, Dissertation, “Maternal, Behavioral, and Environmental Risk Factors for Gestational Diabetes and Preterm Birth Among Pregnant Women”

Doctors of Science– Epidemiology and Nutrition

Ambika Satija, Dissertation, “Plant-Based Diets and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Coro-nary Heart Disease”

Doctors of Sciences– Nutrition and Epidemiology

Ming Ding, Dissertation, “The Associations Between Consumption of Coffee and Soy Food With Health Outcomes”

Kathryn Cauley Fitzgerald, Dissertation, “Vitamin D and Neurodegenerative Disease With Selected Topics Related to Correlated and Missing Outcome Data”

Dong Wang, Dissertation, “Health Dietary Patterns, Plasma Lipid Metabolites, Cardio-vascular Health and Mortality”