Winter 2013

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The road to health and well-being

How four HSPH alumni are helping Bhutan—the Himalayan home of “Gross National Happiness”—achieve its lofty goals

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Dean’s message: A legacy worth preserving

Building on our past, paving the way to a stronger future.


Quick updates about public health news from the Spring 2013 issue of Harvard Public Health.

Off the cuff: Science of the spirit

Can public health researchers, objectively study spirituality? If so, how might their findings be applied?

Q&A: Distilling the truth about water

HSPH’s James Shine explains why access to safe water persists as a global health issue.

2012 Alumni Award of Merit Winners

The prostate cancer predicament

For many men diagnose with prostate cancer, the treatment may be worse than the disease

Painting the big picture on a Navajo reservation

Once upon a time, Anne Newland wanted to go to film school. Instead she became a doctor with the federal Indian Health Service (IHS).

Philanthropic impact

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