Cross and Pedulla share ASA award for their work to advance the field of family sociology

Cross and Pedulla share award for most impactful paper from ASA

HCPDS faculty members Christina Cross and David Pedulla were both recognized by the American Sociological Association (ASA) with the ASA Family Section’s 2023 Article of the Year Award for their independent journal articles published last year. Cross, a former postdoctoral fellow at HCPDS and current member of the Social Demography Seminar planning committee at the Center, was recognized for a paper that continues her previous scholarship on two-parent families by…

Christina Cross receives award from National Council on Family Relations for publication

Head shot of Christina Cross

Christina Cross, PhD, our recent postdoctoral fellow who has now joined the ranks as one of our faculty members, co-authored an article that has been awarded the Best New Professional Article Award from the National Council on Family Relations’ Men in Families Focus Group.  The article — “Nonresident Social Fathering in African American Single-Mother Families” — has been accepted in the Journal of Marriage and Family’s special issue on Transformative…

Christina Cross wins prestigious award for paper that parses out racial/ethnic differences when looking at family structure & children’s education

Head shot of Christina Cross

A paper by Harvard Pop Center post-doctoral fellow Christina Cross, PhD, was selected by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) as the winner of the 2020 Reuben Hill Award. Cross’s paper, which is being recognized for making a “substantial and significant contribution to family research and theory (with a requirement of theory development),” was selected by a committee that reviewed over 30 leading scholarly journals in the family field.…

Christina Cross in The Harvard Gazette: “Why living in a two-parent home isn’t a cure-all for Black students”

Illustration of Christina Cross in The Harvard Gazette

Harvard Pop Center Postdoctoral Fellow Christina Cross, PhD, has penned an op-ed in The Harvard Gazette in which she shares her forthcoming research on why a two-parent household is not a panacea for better educational outcomes for low-income Black students. Dr. Cross points to President Biden’s proposed American Families Plan as an example of a policy that could better address inequalities in opportunity than policies anchored to a two-parent household…

Congratulations to our postdoc fellow Christina Cross on winning PAA’s 2020 Dorothy S. Thomas award!

Head shot of Christina Cross

Postdoc Fellow Christina Cross, PhD, is this  year’s recipient of the PAA Dorothy S. Thomas award for best demography paper by a doctoral student. Christina is the first African American recipient in the 40-year history of this award. Tune in on YouTube for the award presentation and to hear from Christina herself as she accepts the award.

Postdoc pens op-ed in The New York Times: “The Myth of the Two-Parent Home”

Head shot of Christina Cross

Postdoctoral Fellow Christina Cross, PhD, shares findings in this op-ed in The New York Times  from a recent study that demonstrate that access to socioeconomic resources influences the educational success of black youth more than their family structure (e.g., whether they were raised in a single-parent or two-parent household). The findings could shape improved public policies, given that there are costly welfare programs devoted to marriage promotion initiatives.