Prevalence of diabetes among subset of women in India varies by region

This cross-sectional study published in Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders by faculty member S. V. Subramanian and his colleagues Shrikant Singh and Parul Puri found that the burden of diabetes among women (ages 35-49) was higher in the southern and eastern parts of India, and was lower in central India. Read more about the … Continue reading “Prevalence of diabetes among subset of women in India varies by region”

Steps South Asians can take to lower their increased risk for diabetes and heart attacks

Fahad Razak, MD, shares insights into ways that South Asians can lower their elevated risks for diabetes and heart attacks in this article in Health & Wellness section of the Toronto Star. Fahad is a visiting scientist at the Harvard Pop Center and a former Bell Fellow.

When it comes to diabetes management amongst Mexican immigrants, does generational status matter?

Harvard Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar Selena Oritz, PhD, is lead author on a study published in Medical Care that reveals that the odds of receiving certain disease-management exams were lower for those Mexican immigrants in California of higher generational status.